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World Forum Theater Nick en Simon

Nick en Simon - Aangenaam

The theatre tour by this popular Dutch singing duo coincides with the launch of their seventh studio album. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase their brand-new work, peppered as always with amusing anecdotes. During this tour, they will be more revealing than ever about the stories behind their songs. Of course, Nick & Simon will not disappoint their fans and will also be performing some of their greatest hits.



Start: 20.00 hrs.
Openings hours: from 18.00 hrs.
Tickets: Nationale Theaterkassa 0900-9203 (€ 0,45 p/m) /
Intermission package: € 9,95, book by Nationale Theaterkassa 
Parking ticket: Day ticket € 14,00 / Per hour € 3,75
Theater menu: World Forum Theater doesn' t offer a theatre menu during this show.
Maybe you can visit one of the restaurants near the theater.