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Suzhou Ballet Theatre - Romeo & Juliet

Suzhou Ballet Theatre - Romeo & Juliet

As one of the country's youngest ballet troupes, Suzhou Ballet Theatre, which was founded in 2007, has remained devoted to cross-cultural conceptions and cross-boundary exploration. Romeo and Juliet is one of the troupe's finest examples of where East meets West. Shakespeare's classic play has been given a stylish, modern and, above all, Chinese look. Most of the innovation, the troupe's director Li Ying says, was inspired by traditional Chinese culture. Props include paper fans, silk umbrellas and Peking Opera masks. "We wanted to create a version of Romeo and Juliet that was modern in terms of aesthetics, with Chinese elements, such as the value system and emotions," said Li Ying. Li choreographed the work with her husband Pan Jiabin, the Artistic Director.

Ouverture “Taras Bulba”: Mykola Lysenko



Start: 20.00 hrs.
Opening hours: 2 hours before the show
Tickets: Eventim 0900-1353 (€ 0,45 p/m) /
Parking ticket: Day ticket € 14,00 / Per hour € 3,75
Website: www.eventim.n
Intermission package: € 9,95, book by Eventim
Theater menu: World Forum Theater doesn' t offer a theatre menu during this show.
Maybe you can visit one of the restaurants near the theater.